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    Founded in 1995, XDS Shenzhen Xidesheng Bicycles Co., LTD is a bicycle enterprise that specializes in the integration of development, manufacturing, sales and services. Over the last 23 years of development and growth, XDS has already become the top bicycle brand in China, and the leader in Chinese bicycles with excellent products and superb technology

     XDS currently has the largest production base in China, and is the largest manufacturer of carbon-fiber in the world. We are the first company to have a “Bicycle Eco Theme Park” factory in China, and we are the first company in the world to have our own UCI international standard mountain bike course. The company has won the “Guangdong Private Enterprise Excellence” award, the “National High-tech Enterprise” award, and numerous other awards. The XDS trademark has also been rated as a “Chinese Famous Trademark”. XDS has over 300 national and international patents, as well as winning many international bicycle invention awards.

    XDS’s land covers an area of 800 acres, which consists of the world’s largest carbon-fiber manufacturing company, a large workshop for producing aluminum , which has the industry’s most advanced equipment, and a manufacturing process that has the capability to produce over 5 million bicycles a year. Currently, XDS’s sales outlets cover over 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and has over 2000 exclusive stores across the country. We also sell our products to over 50 countries and regions worldwide.

    XDS’s purpose is to “promote a cycling culture, and lead a healthy life”. In 2013 we were a featured venue at the 9th China Expo for the first topic of “Culture + Leisure”. XDS has organized some long-term bike-riding activities, such as bicycle races. We also aim to find new methods to help integrate the culture of riding bicycles into people’s leisure time. This can get more Chinese people to participate in low-carbon, healthy, bike riding activities, which will make low-carbon fashionable in China, and bring in a new era of riding bicycles to stay healthy!

1.The Best International Ultra-Light Science and Technology, to Produce World-Class Ultra-Light Bicycles
    Throughout the world, all brands of bicycle are trying to make lighter bicycles that perform better. XDS has already become a leader in ultra-light science and technology. Not only have we mastered the international leading core technology for carbon-fiber bicycle frames, but the NDRC has decided that XCF will be used in a high-tech industry demonstration project as a high-performance carbon-fiber composite material. We also took the lead in teaming up with a university (Central South University) to establish an aluminium material research base, which created a unique technology called X6 aluminium that started the era of lightweight aluminum bicycle frames.

    Apart from using leading ultra-light materials, XDS studies every aspect of the research and development of the idea “ultra-light”. This includes, the frame structure, the structure of the pipes, the machining process and so on, in order to achieve all around excellence. Every XDS bicycle is exquisite, and is made to the same standard as other world-class brands. Not only does the lightweight performance outshine all of our peers and is an excellent riding experience that is both smooth and light, but it is also strong and rigid while maintaining excellent balance. To meet the different needs of consumers, we provide a very wide range of bicycles to choose from. From mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes, to ladies bikes and children’s bikes, XDS can provide the perfect bicycle that is sure to make you happy.

2. The Top Independent Chinese Bicycle Brand, and Leading Industry Pioneer
    Since the early 1990s, XDS has relied on excellent products and after 21 years of development and growth, now has over 2,000 sales outlets covering the whole country. We have already become the top bicycle brand in China. Based on insights into consumer trends and the current development of China, we have been able to lead the tide of consumers of bicycles towards recreational and sports bicycles. Currently, in the continuous research and development production of superior products, we attach greater importance to cultivation and promotion of bicycle culture, and continue to lead China's bicycle industry to the world, to achieve a wider future development.

3. The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Carbon-fiber Bicycles and China’s Largest Bicycle Manufacturing Base
  A focus of XDS has been on ultra-light bicycle technology, which consists of the world’s largest carbon-fiber manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing ultra-light carbon-fiber bicycle frames, forks, parts and accessories and sports and health equipment. We also have a large aluminium manufacturing workshop. Our equipment, along with the world’s most advanced manufacturing process is capable of making over 5 million bicycles per year, making us the largest bicycle manufacturing base in China. Our strict standards and superb manufacturing make us a world-class brand that produces whole bicycles, as well as parts.

4. The World’s Only Professional Bicycle Testing Base Certified by German TUV’s Certification Lab
  Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. XDS has a laboratory which has been certified by a world certification authority, Germany’s TUV. We are dedicated to the innovation, research and development of bicycles. In addition, we are the bicycle industry’s first company to hire post-doctoral researchers, and the first national high-tech enterprise. We have over 300 international and national patents. We are also the world’s only company that has its own bicycle-testing base. Every XDS bicycle must pass a series of tests and experiments under very strict conditions, which guarantees the bicycle’s quality and superb performance.

5.Winner of International Gold Bicycle Invention Awards and Superb World-Renowned Technology
    Our leading design and excellent quality have won us numerous honors, which has paved the way for XDS’s development. Internationally, we have won separately, a Korean bicycle invention award and gold medal at the 33rd Geneva Pioneering International Design and Invention Awards, which are both well-known both at home and abroad. In China, we were also named as a “Chinese Famous Brand”, and are the only bicycle company selected to participate in the “60th Anniversary Exhibition”. We represented China’s designated bicycle at the 2004 Asia Extreme games, and chaired the commission that drew up the standards for Mountain Bicycle Safety Requirements. Moreover, the XDS trademark has been rated as a “Chinese Famous Trademark” and a “Guangdong Famous Trademark”, and the company has won the “National High-tech Enterprise” prize, the “Guangdong Private Enterprise Excellence” prize, the “Leader in the Backbone of Private Enterprises in Shenzhen” prize and numerous other awards.

6.China’s First International Large-Scale Cycling Training Base, “Teaching, Training, Racing and Fun” all Rolled into One
    In 2012, XDS spent a whole year investing in, and completing, an international cycling training base. It covers an area of 120 thousand square metres, which combines a natural landscape, a cultural landscape, and an athletics stadium all in one. Its 4 major functions are teaching, training, competitions and leisure activities. It is very diverse, three-dimensional, with garden features, and we are the first enterprise to build a UCI (an international bicycle union) international standard track.

7. The World’s First Enterprise Built UCI International Standard Mountain Bike Course, Which Holds Professional Qualification Tournaments
    The features of XDS’s training base comply with UCI (an international bicycle union) mountain bike tracks professional class standards. It has been used to host international mountain bike championships, the BMX super cross world cup, four cross racing (4X), Dirt Jumping, Downhill and other professional cycling events.

8. The World’s First Enterprise Self-built Bicycle Cultural Museum and Commitment to Building a Bicycle Culture Kingdom
     In order to promote a cycling cultural heritage, XDS became the world’s first enterprise to have a cultural museum. This museum is large scale, and includes a cultural history section, a modern technology section, a future prospects exhibition and other exhibitions. The exhibit’s unique design with its rich exhibition pieces is breathtaking to view. This follows after the Bazhou bicycle museum, and is an iconic museum of bicycle culture in China.

9.The Bicycle Industry’s Only Cultural Expo Venue, and leading Industry Transformation and Improvement
    At the 9th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair 2013, the XDS International Leisure Culture Creative Industry Park was the only venue from the bicycle industry. The industrial park had planned an area of 500 thousand square metres, which had 4 main functional areas, including a leisure industry and scenic tours area, a UCI international standard cycling experience area, an eco themed bicycle park and XDS’s International Leisure Culture Museum. During the Expo, XDS’s theme was “Low-carbon life, creative leisure”, which opened with a series of 11 wonderful activities. These not only included a creative leisure products exhibition, but the audience also got to experience some sightseeing, demos, tea and so on.

10.The First Chinese Company to Initiate the Bicycle-Riding Culture and the Start of an Era of Healthy Bicycle-Riding in China
    As a leading enterprise in the bicycle industry, XDS was the first Chinese company to initiate the bicycle-riding culture. In 2010, XDS and the Chinese Bicycle Association jointly held the “Low-Carbon Action, Riding Across China: Beijing and Shenzhen Riding Activities”, which had over 1 000 cycling journalists present. XDS’s aim was to construct and promote the bicycle-riding culture, so that more Chinese people can participate in healthy, low-carbon bicycle-riding activities, and start an era of healthy bicycle-riding in China.

11. The World’s First “Bicycle Eco Theme Park” Factory and Fulfilling the Green Manufacturing Revolution
    In order to undertake our mission of environmental protection and to fulfill our green manufacturing pledge, XDS has the world’s first “Bicycle eco theme park” factory. It covers an area of 450mu, of which 45% is made up of greenery. Looking ahead to the future, the interior of the factory will have greenery and fresh air, which will rate us as a “Garden” and “Park” enterprise. In the future, the factory will be developed to be the first one to have a standard football stadium, swimming pool, clubs and an R&D building, making it a park-like factory with high-end facilities.

12.Over 2000 Stores across the Country, as well as Exporting to Over 50 Countries and Regions
    Currently, XDS already has sales channels that cover over 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across China and in total over 2000 branded inclusive stores and shops in malls, which makes us the bicycle enterprise with the widest coverage in China. We also have a unified store image, fashionable style and have professional services in place. Every inclusive store location has a bicycle club so that there is a common place for a very wide circle of cycling friends to ride and travel together. In addition, XDS sells bicycles to over 50 countries and regions world-wide, meaning that we can provide the ideal cycling equipment for cycling enthusiasts all over the world.
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